Roger Khouri is a singer from Kafroun, Syria. He was born on the 5th of march..

Roger started his career as a singer in 2012, as he released his first song "Kashfek Walla".
afterwards, he released a collection of songs such as: Dere balek 3laye, Ya kel el dene, Dakhlak ya albi, 7awalt 2tghayar.. etc.
later, he wrote and composed some of his own songs like: "Betnaffassak, Mdallalet albi, 2edman etc..."

On 2015, he got titled as "Al Najm Al 3arabi Al Sa3ed" on Anghami, due to the high rate and larg number of plays on Anghami.
Roger was famed for his deep, tender, and mature voice. His songs highlighted the emotional side of humanity, which made them spread phenomenally among people, particularly, the young.


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